David Gutel currently works on productions with Snakebyte Productions and JIG Reel Studios. He graduated California State Long Beach with a degree in film and emphasis in directing. He has won awards such as HBO's Top 200 in Project Greenlight, 4th place in California State University Arts Festival and nominated for best family film at the Vancouver Web Festival. He has also had his work showcased at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Big Bear Film Festival, Cal Arts Festival, the Oceanside International Film Festival, California Women's Film Festival and others. David's passion comes from a love of telling stories and connecting with audiences through themes and narratives.


"There's no doubt in my mind that David Gutel will be an an award-winning director someday. I had the pleasure of working with him on 2 of his films and was blown away by how passionate he is about his craft; and how talented and serious he was as a student filmmaker. He is a true professional and everything you could ask for in a director-intelligent, passionate, articulate, patient, relatable, kind, driven, talented, and as creative as they come! An incredible story teller as well as one of the nicest human beings I know. I count myself lucky to have worked with him and can't wait to see the creative force that he will become in this industry." -Alex MacNicoll

"David is a fantastic director that really helps the actors get in the moment. He has proven over and over to me that he is truly dedicated to his craft and even looks forward to improving. Also, you can't deny his amazing professionalism." -Justin Galindo (owner of JIG Reel Studios)

"David Gutel is a director that I get excited to work for as a cinematographer. He understands that the cinematographer needs to be involved in blocking and allows me to ask for minor changes so that the scene can work better for camera. He also lets me bounce my ideas off of him which creates a fun and collaborative work environment." -Kyle Klebe

"David is an extremely talented individual, with a great knack for storytelling and visual narratives. All of his short films are simply gorgeous, and he is by far one of the best directors to work with. He's patient, kind, and funny - which translates well both on set and in pre-production meetings. I'd highly recommend him for any job he may be in consideration, because he's the best colleague you could ask for."                                                       -Tracy Nicoletti

"David Gutel is a fresh young mind who has achieved much at an early age. I know from working with him personally on set that this up and coming star has only begun to show his true potential." -Angie Quidim